Which type of soil analysis should I do as a grower?

We have 2 main types of soil analysis for growers

1)  Complete soil analysis -

For open field crops and pre-planting base dressing and topdressing recommendations . This is a detailed method using chemical extraction to estimate the medium to long term availability of crop nutrients, so takes 7-10 days. It allows us to prescribe soil amendment products to correct soil fertility ( i.e. lime, gypsum, compost , phosphate, potash), and also to give an indicative crop fertilizer program for the specific crop, based on the yield target, and taking into account soil nutrient levels from the soil test.

2)  1:2 soil water extract analysis -

This soil test involves extracting immediately available nutrients using water as the extracting solution. The test is designed for crops growing primarily in greenhouses, which are under fertigation (fertilizers in irrigation water). The results takes 3 days. The results include all cation and anions for fertigation adjustments, and we can recommend the optimum A and B tank fertilizer balance.

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