How do I give you a realistic yield target, so that my fertilizer recommendations are practical and affordable?

The yield target you give us directly affects the fertilizer recommendations. Higher yield targets will require higher levels of nutrients, and therefore more fertilizer. It is therefore essential that you give us accurate yield targets for your crops in tons of produce per hectare (Ha) (remember, Yield /acre * 2.47 = Yield/ Ha)

To calculate a yield target for your farm or field, aim for above average yields, so crop yields will slowly increase over time. Keep a good production record of each field on the farm for at least five years. Some fields may produce more than others because of differences in soil quality and other factors. Adjust the past average to set a yield target. The practical range for a yield goal should be somewhere above average to near the maximum yield in the last 3 to 5 years. Two common methods for calculating realistic yield targets are: 1) to add 10 to 30% to the recent average yield; 2) to take the average of the 3 highest yields in the last 5 consecutive years. Regardless of the method you employ it is important to be consistent from one year to the next.

If you give us a very high yield target that is not realistic under the current farming system or environment, you will end up wasting money on fertilizers if the yield target is not reached.

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