What is gypsum?

Agricultural Gypsum is a light powder applied to soil as a soil correction product. It contains both Sulphur and Calcium. It is used to loosen or breack up compact soils like clay soils.It helps improve air and water circulation in the soil.It will also help the plant roots get nutrients easily from the soil.It is applied some time before planting by spreading the powder over you farm. The soil test results will tell you what amounts you should apply.

Calcium sulphate (CaSO₄) is often called “gypsum.” In some areas of the country it is also called “land plaster.” Calcium sulphate contains both calcium and sulfur. The sulfur is in sulphate form. You will note that  calcium sulphate does not contain any carbonates such as the other two limestone forms. This lack of carbonates is important when we refer to gypsum as a neutral liming material. Gypsum is a specialty product used in solving a variety of soil problems. It normally contains twenty-two percent calcium and eighteen percent sulfur.

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