What Is Agri-Finance Consulting?

Our partnership with Agri Frontier provides you with deep agri-finance consulting expertise. Agri Frontier’s consultancy services include business strategy and development, as well as finance and investment.

We have created a package that suits both agri-businesses and investors. Agri Frontier’s consultancy is specialised in terms of sector and geography, adding value from the field to the boardroom. Their clients range from family owned business to large corporate farms as well as impact, development and private equity investors.

How Agri Frontier helps clients:

  • Working with businesses to become “investment ready” and raise finance
  • Identifying investment opportunities in the agricultural sector for a variety of clients
  • Merger and acquisition services, including commercial due diligence and post-acquisition support. Developing business and strategy plans
  • Developing business plans
  • Carrying out Feasibility studies

Agri Frontier provides the following key services:

1. Mergers and Acquisitions, and Commercial Due Diligence

Agri Frontier facilitates mergers and acquisitions. They can also provide commercial due diligence and post-acquisition support. Their service is different from traditional due diligence service providers because, in addition to financial due diligence, they use knowledge of the sector to determine the future value and performance of prospective investments.

2. Investment Facilitation

Agri Frontier helps organisations develop their business by identifying the right types of finance, helping their clients think about their capital requirements strategically. They have an extensive network of funding sources, including private equity, impact and developmental investors who are open to investing in a combination of equity, debt and grant funding. They also work with you to ensure your company is ‘investment ready’, helping you raise capital quicker.

3. Feasibility Studies, Strategy & Business Plans

Agri Frontier provides commercial, technical and financial feasibility assessment, leveraging technical and market research to develop in-depth operating models, financial projections and investment analysis. Agri Frontier also provide business plans, strategy, financial forecasts and models services.

4. Business Valuations

As a specialist African agri-finance advisory firm, Agri Frontier has specialist in-house specialist skills and expertise if you are looking for a business valuation. This helps agri-businesses align assets for a variety of purposes including balance sheet valuations and due diligence in respect of M&A transactions, debt, equity, capital issuance and sales transactions.

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