What Are The Uses Of Soil Fertility Maps?

Our soil mapping services uses the latest GIS & Remote Sensing technologies. We provide support to commercial companies looking to use digital soil maps to develop smart fertilizer blending services.

Our soil maps can be used for a wide variety of different purposes. These include:

  • Developing variable rate fertilizer recommendations
  • Producing baseline soil fertility maps at farm and field scale, and analyzing how they change over time due to management interventions
  • Developing regional soil maps
  • Generating fertilizer recommendations for specific crops at multiple different scales

The Cropnuts soil fertility maps can be used to generate reliable predictions of multiple different soil properties at regional and national scales. Working with multiple fertilizer companies and blenders, Cropnuts have used this information to support the development of fertilizer products that are regionally and crop specific, giving farmers access to fertiliser blends that are tailored to their local soil types.

These maps can also be used by regional and national governments to develop locally specific policies for soil health and fertiliser use. This is an important step away from the blanket fertiliser recommendations, which can lead to leaching and environmental contamination.

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