How do I take a nematode sample?


The recommendations are to sample evenly to the whole sample block or field and take a composite sample i.e. Zig zag as in normal soil nutrient sampling. This mainly helps to establish the levels of infection prior to planting.


For an already planted field the recommendation is to sample the spots which show signs of infection:

In general pathogens and nematode express nearly the same field symptoms and occur in spots within the sample block or green house randomly. They include:

  1. Stunted growth
  2. Wilting and yellowing plants
  3. Small heads in roses
  4. “Unhappy leaves” In terms of glossiness and size

          The reason for spot sampling is that in these areas you are able to determine the maximum counts in the infected areas and they become your indicator points. A composite sample as normally done in nutrient sampling show low counts because of mixing infected areas with areas not infected thus diluting the counts. It also advisable to take control samples i.e. sampling areas looking good versus areas looking bad or depressed for comparison purposes.


  1. Take samples of soil close to the root zone (with root debris) in the infected area and put in a sampling bag.
  2. The sample should be a minimum of 500gms of soil.
  3. In case of dying plants, uproot the whole plant plus the soil around it and put it in a sampling bag.
  4. Please include the following information for proper sample identification.
  5. Company  Name
  1. Address
  2. Contact person and contact information
  3. Name of area being sampled
  4. Type of crop
  5. Sampling date
  6. Analysis required(drip sample analysis)
  7. Comments (In case of special sampling)
  8. Fill in the sample submission forms available at our website:
  9. Provide the same names use in previous sampling area to be able to have historical data.
  10. Store in a cool dark place and send the samples to the laboratory as soon as possible .We recommend dropping the sample within 24hours at the laboratory or sending using G4S courier services to the following physical address:

Crop Nutrition Laboratory Services.

Cooper Centre,kaptagat road,

Off Kangemi flyover,Waiyaki way 

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