What are Predatory nematodes?

Predatory nematodes are not harmful to crops. They feed on other soil nematodes and other microorganisms that are present in soil. They feed indiscriminately on both plant parasitic and free-living nematodes. Some of the genus here include  Butlerius sp, Koerneria sp.Most forms are also saprophagous feeding mainly on bacteria and can be found on most soils.

The main difference between the Predators and the Saprophagic nematodes, is that the saprophagic nematodes attack the insects in the soil and are being used for control of insect pests while the predators are mainly non selective in their feeding. They feed on the insects,fungi, bacteria ,protozoa and other nematodes. Hence the saprophagic nematodes are also predators. The two can be grouped together since both are beneficial in the soil.  Their abundance indicates the soil is healthy.

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