What are nematodes?

Nematodes are long, thin round worms, so tiny that they can usually only be seen under the microscope. They have diverse habitats, but the ones that are of concern to farmers are those that dwell in the soil and feed on plant roots. These are commonly called plant parasitic nematodes. Plant parasitic nematodes damage plant roots and slow down or block movement of water and nutrients to the growing parts of the plant.

Nematodes are among the leading constraints to small holder greenhouse farming are the ‘silent enemies’; nematodes. Recently, many farmers have reported nematode infestations in greenhouses especially based on the easily observable galls/knots caused by root knot nematodes ( Meloidogyne species). This has raised concerns of nematodes becoming more important especially due to complexes involving nematodes and other soil borne pathogens like Fusarium in greenhouses. We continue to promote awareness of small holder farmers to occurrences and management of nematodes in greenhouses.

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