How shall I send the sample to your laboratory?

How to send a sample to our lab

Clients in Kenya should use G4S or Wells Fargo Courier services or deliver directly.

Clients outside Kenya can use DHL or bus services (eg. Kampala Coach / Dar Express).  Please contact us on to find out the best way to get a sample to us.  Samples from outside Kenya require an import permit.  Please contact us to organize your import permit.

Our NEW physical address for all samples is:

Crop Nutrition Laboratory Services Ltd.



Telephone +254 (0) 736 839 933, + 254 (0) 720 839 933


Please make sure that all samples are properly labeled with your contact details, farm name, field/greenhouse number and what analysis is required.  In order to get the history of your analysis it is important to maintain continuity with your field/greenhouse name.  Submit the samples with a  sample submission form available from our website.  Properly labeled samples will be processed faster!  Aim to have the sample reach the laboratory during the week, not the weekend.

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